Introduction by the director

Welcome to International Bilingual School Ljubljana IBSL, the first bilingual primary school with an internationally minded programme in Slovenia.

All of us at International Bilingual School Ljubljana IBSL know that each child is a unique individual. It is our job to follow their individual abilities while offering them a sound and safe environment as well as plenty of knowledge that will encourage their curiosity, wake up a young researcher in them and direct them to become independent thinkers.

Every child has a right to develop into a:

  • culturally open,
  • thinking,
  • creative,
  • internally strong,
  • independent personality who knows to, can and wants to respect themselves as well as the world around them.

Privately owned International Bilingual School Ljubljana IBSL creates conditions which help children achieve these goals more easily and certainly. The programme is suitable for children from single-language families (Slovene, English and even others!) as well as for children from multilingual families living in or near Ljubljana.

The educational process at IBSL is fully bilingual with classes being delivered in English and Slovene in parallel. It gives children aged 3 or more an opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural environment. A varied list of sports, arts and social activities further contribute to the internationally-minded curriculum to further build on the proven advantages of bilingual programmes.

I invite you to have closer look at the key elements of our programme and look forward to meeting you at one of our presentations and, of course, when you enroll your children.

Sandra Sešek Brajko, Director, IBSL 


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