• Our mission and vision

    Our mission and vision

    We aim to educate and inspire children to have strong intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships within the school community …
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  • Bilingualism


    At International Bilingual School Ljubljana IBSL, bilingual teaching stands for raising and teaching children in two languages at the same time...
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  • International programme

    International programme

    The educational programme of the LIS L helps our pupils grow into independent, internationally-minded individuals …
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  • School environment and building

    School environment and building

    As a private educational institution, the LIS is very much aware of the influence that the environment has on children's development.
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  • School bus

    School bus

    We aim to ensure safe transportation for our pupils, independently from the distance of their homes to school. ...
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  • School timetable

    School timetable

    Ljubljana International School is open every working day from Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5pm.
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