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We invite all interested parents to enrol their children at IES Ljubljana International School.

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    central elements of our teaching methods



    Bilingual: every subject at IES Ljubljana International School (except for each language itself) is equally delivered in both official languages of the school: English and Slovene. Advantages


    Early introduction of the third language: learning German as a third language is very simple and seamless for the children as they are completely used to bilingual communication.


    We avoid traditional lecture-style teaching: classes are given in the form of structured teaching which strongly involves the pupils with active guidance for each individual child.


    We avoid traditional textbooks and workbooks: the teaching builds on a variety of (modern) sources of knowledge and information.


    We encourage independence, curiosity and desire to research: the teaching process continuously offers numerous opportunities to develop these in the children, in particular through natural and social science contents.


    We develop all aspects of children’s personalities: an important part of our programme are mandatory physical, arts and social activities.


    IES Ljubljana International School is an environment of cultural diversity and intercultural understanding: our pupils currently come from over 15 nationalities allowing them to recognise and accept the difference while growing their cultural and linguistic horizons.


    We emphasize the importance of hands-on learning: a key element of our teaching are exercises that require pupils to transfer the theoretical knowledge obtained to effect in everyday life in their respective living environments.


    We are a private school with a distinctly international orientation. In our local environment, we aim to give the best possible knowledge foundation to every child, independent of their language, cultural or other origin.


    Our bilingual nursery and pre-school offers our youngest children, babies and toddlers, an environment where they can prepare in a playful manner to enter our primary school programme.

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